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California Tribal TANF Partnership
The California Tribal TANF Partnership (CTTP) is associated with 20 tribes and other organizations that operate tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs for Native American people. CTTP was established on July 8, 2003 and remains operational under the governing body Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians as lead administrators. Our goal and purpose is to help families achieve self-sufficiency through educational training, career and employment opportunities, as well as various supported services and programs with temporary financial assistance. CTTP continually seeks to add more partners to the consortium and to extend temporary assistance and programs to more Native Americans in need.
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CTTP is a federal and state funded social service agency. We offer services and temporary assistance to Native American families in Northern and Central California. To be eligible for CTTP programs and services, applicants must go through an in-take process. Applying for services does not guarantee approval. Applicants must be a resident within the county service area where CTTP has an office. All households must have at least one eligible Indian child. The term "Indian" shall be defined as a member or descendant of a federally recognized tribe; individuals and/or descendants must be listed on the California Indian Judgment Rolls.

Supportive Services


For completion of vocation, certificate and licensure programs

Bus Passes

Or reimbursed gas mileage for work and for school

Auto Assistance

Vehicle repairs and assistance with obtaining a driver's license


Assistance with grooming, hygiene and clothing for job search

Youth Assistance

Grade incentives, assistance with extra-curricular activities, seasonal clothing allowance and subsidized youth employment program.

Work Assistance

With special tools and equipment needed for work & clothing allowance for newly employed

Governing body: Robinson Rancheria Citizens Business Council

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California Tribal TANF Partnership (CTTP) is a collective of various sovereign Northern California Tribal nations offering Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) in approximately fifteen (15) counties in Northern California, and is governed by the Robinson Rancheria Citizen Business Council.
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